Search functionality

Default search functionality

By default, the Article search plugin searches through articles’ Title and Lead-in fields. To have it search through the main content of articles, you need to add a setting:


When this is enabled, when articles and plugins are saved they will render their content and save it to the database. This rendered content will be added to the search corpus.

Rebuilding the search corpus

Enabling ALDRYN_NEWSBLOG_UPDATE_SEARCH_DATA_ON_SAVE will not automatically add the rendered content of previously-saved articles.

To have them added, you will need to run a management command, rebuild_article_search_data - i.e.

python rebuild_article_search_data

The command optionally takes --language or the short-hand -l to specify the translations to process, for example:

python rebuild_article_search_data -l en de

If this option is not provided, all languages will be processed.

Aldryn Search and Haystack

Aldryn News & Blog supports Aldryn Search and Django Haystack.

If you have Aldryn Search and Haystack installed and configured in your project, News & Blog’s content can also be rendered searchable. To enable this, add:


in your settings. Note that if your search infrastructure is not configured, this setting will have no effect.

Per-apphook indexing

If you have configured your system for Aldryn Search and Haystack support and have enabled it for Aldryn News & Blog, you can control it on a per-apphook basis. That is, you can turn it on or off for the articles belonging to a particular apphook, using the Include in search index? setting of the apphook configuration.

This doesn’t affect the default search mechanism - only the Haystack-based search.