Installation and set-up

You can install Aldryn News & Blog either on Aldryn or by hand into your own project.

Aldryn Platform Users

To install the addon on Aldryn, all you need to do is follow this installation link on the Aldryn Marketplace and follow the instructions.

Manually you can:

  1. Choose a site you want to install the add-on to from the dashboard.
  2. Go to Apps > Install App
  3. Click Install next to the News & Blog app.
  4. Redeploy the site.

Manual Installation


  • This project requires django CMS 3.0.12 or later.

Install the package using pip

If you’re installing into an existing django CMS project, you can run either:

pip install aldryn-newsblog


pip install -e git+

If you need to start a new project, we recommend that first you use the instructions in the official django CMS documentation, which will get you started in less than five minutes.

Once you have created a django CMS project, you can install Aldryn News & Blog in it.

In your project’s make sure you have all of:

# you will probably need to add these

# you'll almost certainly have these installed already

listed in INSTALLED_APPS, after 'cms'.

Additional Configuration

Aldryn Boilerplate support

Aldryn News & Blog supports Aldryn Boilerplates, and has a set of templates that work with the Bootstrap 3 boilerplate.

Boilerplates provide a convenient way to build optional support for advanced frontend frameworks into Django applications. If the project in which the application is deployed uses a Boilerplate supported by the application, the application will take advantage of it automatically, and integrate seamlessly into the site’s frontend.

If not, the application will fall back gracefully to more basic templates, or the developer can readily add the appropriate Boilerplate support for the application.

If your site uses a boilerplate, you’ll need to make some changes to your

  • add aldryn_boilerplates to INSTALLED_APPS
  • set ALDRYN_BOILERPLATE_NAME - for example: ALDRYN_BOILERPLATE_NAME = 'bootstrap3'

Django Filer

Aldryn News & Blog requires the use of the “subject location” processor from Django Filer for Easy Thumbnails. This requires setting the THUMBNAIL_PROCESSORS tuple in your project’s settings to:

  • omit the default processor scale_and_crop
  • include the scale_and_crop_with_subject_location processor

For example:

    # 'easy_thumbnails.processors.scale_and_crop',

For more information on this optional processor, see the documentation for Django Filer.

Database migrations

Aldryn News & Blog includes new models that require database migrations. Run python syncdb if you have not already done so, followed by python migrate to prepare the database for the new applications.


Aldryn News & Blog supports both South and Django migrations.

django CMS set-up

In order to use Aldryn News & Blog, your django CMS project needs to have at least one page set up with an Aldryn News & Blog apphook.

To do this:

  1. Create a django CMS page in the normal way.
  2. In Advanced settings... > Application settings, select NewsBlog.

You’re now ready to begin using Aldryn News & Blog in earnest - see Creating Aldryn News & Blog content for the next steps.